Collection: 613 Frontal Wigs

Here's a description breakdown of BigOHair 613 Frontal Wigs:

  1. Hair Type: BigOHair 613 Frontal Wigs are made from 100% Virgin Human Hair with a specific hair color known as "613." This color refers to a bright and light blonde shade, often described as a platinum or pale blonde.

  2. Hair Quality: The hair used in the wigs is of high quality, being 100% Virgin Human Hair. This means that the hair is sourced from a single donor and has not undergone any chemical processing. Virgin human hair retains its natural texture, strength, and shine, providing a high-quality and natural appearance.

  3. Wig Construction: The 613 Frontal Wigs are full wigs constructed with a lace frontal at the front and wefts or tracks at the back. The lace frontal extends from ear to ear, providing a natural-looking hairline and versatile styling options. The wefts at the back allow for a secure and comfortable fit.

  4. Lace Material: The lace used in the wigs is made from high-quality Swiss lace. These types of lace are known for their durability, breathability, and ability to create a natural-looking appearance. The thin and sheer lace allows for a comfortable and undetectable fit.

  5. Hair Texture and Length: The specific texture and length of the hair in the wigs can vary. It comes in straight and body wave allowing you to choose a style that matches your desired look. The length of the hair can vary as well, providing options for short or long hairstyles.

  6. Versatile Styling: With the BigOHair 613 Frontal Wigs, you have the flexibility to style the hair in various ways. You can part the hair in different directions, such as in the middle or on the side, and create various hairstyles to achieve your desired look.

  7. Application and Maintenance: The wigs are designed for easy application and removal. They typically come with adjustable straps and combs or clips inside the wig cap for a secure and comfortable fit. To maintain the quality and longevity of the wigs, it is recommended to follow proper hair care practices from a professional, including regular washing, conditioning, and styling techniques.

  8. Usage: The 613 Frontal Wigs are a popular choice for those who want to achieve a striking and vibrant blonde look. The light blonde color offers a bold and eye-catching appearance, making it ideal for fashion-forward and statement-making hairstyles.