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BigOHair pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. With proper care and maintenance you will enjoy your hair purchase for 6 months or longer. Our hair is virgin hair and no bundle or batches are the same. That’s where unprocessed virgin hair gets its name. Please exam your hair upon receiving before removing any labels as well as before installation. If it is not to your liking, return the hair for exchange within 7 days BEFORE USING or REMOVING ANY PACKAGING.

Although our virgin hair can be styled and processed like your natural hair, we do not guarantee any hair that has had chemicals added after purchased. However you can and we always suggest it be done professionally.


Hair Care Tips


  • Co-wash your bundlez before installing with shampoo no higher than ph7 and in a downward motion and seal your wefts with weft sealer before installing 
  • Prior to washing, brush your hair with a wig brush and detangle from the ends to the roots.  You can also spray hair with a combination of water and conditioner then brush from the bottom to the roots. Prior to washing, spray a combination of water and conditioner while brushing the hair from bottom to top.
  • Wash your bundlez every 2-3 weeks to prevent build up.  Shampoo from roots to the ends all in the same direction (downward). DO NOT wash in a circular motion or in a ball. That will cause your hair to tangle. 
  • When applying conditioner, detangle with a wide-tooth comb or brush and work your way from the bottom to the top. Conditioning your hair is very important for maintenance. You can over condition. When this happens you would notice brittleness and tangles.  Use a deep cleanings shampoo in this case. Styling products also creates build up in which we suggest a deep cleanings shampoo on a monthly basis as well. Use moisturizers to assist with avoiding this issue.
  • Rinse and squeeze the water out the pat dry with a towel DO NOT rub in circles or twist
  • Dry ( air dry if time permits) then style
  • Do keep in mind, even though your hair extensions are real, there isn’t a way for it to receive nutrients from the scalp like your own hair. Also, use as little heat as possible to have a longer life span ( use flexi rods, etc). In order for your hair to remain health try NOT using blow driers, flatirons , curling irons, etc on a regular basis. Again use flexi rods, steamrollers, etc..




  • With curly textures, hair tends to be naturally drier than other textures so it requires additional moisture. We always recommend the use of moisturizing or hydrating conditioner after shampooing. For added moisture, it is good to deep condition at least once every two weeks. Also using products free of sulfates. Sulfate is used as a foaming agent in many shampoos to strip away the grease and build up on the scalp, therefore if your shampoo creates lots of foam you should avoid using it on your extensions. Although the purpose of washing your hair may include getting rid of grease and build up, most times all the moisture goes along with it and this could lead to excessive shedding and tangling. 
  • Avoid heat styling!!! Heat will frizz and dry out your curly hair extensions. We recommend using your hands to scrunch up the curls from the bottom, then lying it on a towel to thoroughly dry. Basically air dry.
  • You should avoid brushing or combing your curly extensions when they are dry. This can cause breakage, tangling and unwanted frizz. The only time you should gently brush your curly hair is before washing them. We recommend using only your fingers to comb through your dry extensions and/or wig paddle brush or wide-tooth comb to gently brush before washing.
  • Some products that you should always avoid are mousse, gel, alcohol and oil. Those products will weigh your hair down and cause lots of tangling and mating . You should only use natural oils or light essence sprays. We recommend argon 8 morracan oils and essences. When using those products, it is important to use only a dime- sized amount; anything more will not look flattering on the hair.
  • Water alone will not keep your extensions from looking and feeling dry. So it is important to incorporate some natural oils that will help lock in the moisture in your extensions and leave your hair looking fabulous!!
  • For bedtime braid your hair into one (ponytail) or two loose braids (pigtails) of course speak with your stylist for best sleep care for your extensions and use a silk or satin bonnet. Upon waking, undo your sleep care look and style as needed then enjoy your fabulous hair.




  • Before Swimming, comb out any tangles and braid into one
  • After swimming, take out the braid and comb/style as necessary
  • Please wash hair after swimming, spa, exercise or any other activity that would generate sweat, etc which causes the hair to tangle. 
  • Chlorine (swimming pool) can cause matting and tangling
  • Excessive heat, curling/flat-ironing should be kept to a minimum. We suggest no more than 310-350 (tools vary)
  • Too much sun can dry out your extensions
  • Drying your extensions with a blow dryer can cause damage, try to always airdry to retain moisture. (HANG TO DRY when permitted)


613 Russian Blonde


Blonde hair extensions have grown extremely popular and everyone wants to be a part of the craze but not everyone is equipped for all the work and responsibility that comes with keeping these luxurious locks flowing and full of luster.


First thing you’ll need to know is that NATURAL COLORED (1B) extensions and RUSSIAN BLOND 

( 613) extension ARE NOT THE SAME! You should expect lots more maintenance when purchasing BLONDE EXTENSIONS.


  • Russian Blonde (613) hair requires lots of moisture in order to prevent tangling, matting and excessive shedding, which can be caused by lact of moisture. It is important to co-wash your extensions at least 2-3 times per week. Co-washing consists of ONLY conditioner while washing. You should always detangle your extensions BEFORE washing and avoid combing or brushing while the extensions are WET. You man comb/brush while the hair is submerged (under) in water and/or with conditioner.
  • WE CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH, moisture is key. There are a few things you should try to avoid to maintain the moisture in your RUSSIAN BLONDE (613) extensions.


If you follow all the tips prior to this one, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. However, for those who wish to repair or revive their RUSSIAN BLONE (613) extensions; here are a few steps you can take to bring your RUSSIAN BLONDE (613) extensions back to life.


  • To keep the hair from further tangling, dampen with a small amount of water and wide tooth comb or brush; brush from the ends (bottom) to the weft (top). NEVER from weft (top) to bottom (ends).  Rinse the hair with warm water, not too cold & not too hot. Too much of either can cause further damage to your extensions.  Next you want to soak your extensions in a mixture of warm water & conditioner for 20-6- minutes. Comb or brush the hair while its submerged (under) in water to make sure the hair is no longer tangling. Lastly, rinse all of the conditioner out and hang to dry (air dry). These tips are geared towards RUSSIAN BLONDE (613) extensions but can be used for all hair extensions. 


PLEASE BE ADVISED that Russian Blonde (613) hair technically has no color and moisture can cause the transference of color from your clothing, threads, elastic band, etc.. washing regularly can prevent this.




Although bleaching the knots of your lace closures, frontals & wigs has become very popular for a more natural scalp like appearance, you risk damaging your product if you don’t properly execute the technique.


  • FRONTALS, CLOSURES & WIGS are very delicate and should be treated as such. Whether or not your knots are bleached you should always us the proper care when handling. DON’T SCRATCH YOUR SCALP THROUGH YOUR LACE CLOSURE, FRONTAL OR WIG.
  • No matter how natural (real) your CLOSURES & FRONTALS may look, THEY ARE NOT! The hairs constructed on the lace products are made of a collective of very small delicate knots. It is important to keep in mind that the knots can be loosened or damaged if they are not properly cared for. Using shampoos & conditioners that contain sulfates can cause the knots to become dry and brittle resulting in shedding and/or possible (potential) balding of your lace product.


Other things that can cause balding or excessive shedding of your lace products include but are not limited to:


  • Scratching an itch through your lace product
  • Brushing or detangling with a bristled brush
  • Brushing or detangling while your lace product is wet & free of conditioner or other detangling agents.
  • If you don’t co-wash at least once every week or two, the knots can become dry which in turn causes shedding.
  • Brushing from ROOT (top) to END (bottom) can cause balding and should be avoided. Always brush from the END (bottom) to the ROOT (top).
  • To get the most out of your lace product ALWAYS use a silk/satin scarf or bonnet to bed. The cotton fibers from your bed sheets & pillows can cause the hair to become dry & brittle. Just like our natural hair.


Avoid sleeping while your hair is wet to also avoid matting and tangling






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